Mix Master: Jason Shaw

Professional mix engineer for underground bands around the world. Specialized in experimental psychedelic garage rock and roll.

Jason Shaw works with great bands like Cambodian Space Project, the mighty Charlie Clark (new album coming out in January), Kundalini Genie, Geography of the Moon, Aerofall, Tibetan Miracle Seeds, Red Eyed Rabbit, Skeleton Goode, Doch Chkae, Alien Mustangs,Black heart Death Cult, Master Kong Nay, Frankie Teardrop Dead and many more.

For more info: https://www.jasonshawmusicproduction.com/

Cambodian Space Project

Geography of the Moon
Tibetan Miracle Seeds
Kundalini Genie
Frankie Teardrop Dead

What People say about Jason Shaw’s production:

“Hey I like the overdubs…..I like the whole thing! Thats the Cambodian Space Project with one of my tunes The Passenger”

​”That’s what I want to hear tickle my thing on a hot July night. That’s the Cambodian Space Project – Down From The Mountain.

I like these people, maybe I should join their band”

Iggy Pop – Iggy Confidential on BBC Radio 6 Music

“From his keen ear to his relentless hard work, Jason is one of the few sound engineers to ease every aspect of the recording process. 
Fantastic wealth of knowledge and know how, guiding bands to directions they would never explore without his unique influence. 


David Mcllwraith – Black Cat Revue

It was a pleasure to work with Jason on the Spaced Out In Wonderland album. His mixes genuinely captured the psychedelic essence of Cambodian Space Project. We look forward to working with him again soon.

Ian Croft – 60 Road Studios, Siem Reap

Album of the week: EHV by Love Philtre

Love Philtre: a psychedelic rock band from Tokyo, Japan just released their latest Ep “EHV” and it’s now available to buy and to listen on their Bandcamp.

A Post Punk/Psychedelic Rock experience.

A message of Love and Peace.


For more info:


#1 What we miss the most: Live Music

Every week we will share with you 3 amazing acts from all over the globe.

Send us your favourite live sessions: teenfreaks@gmail.com


1.Hundred Thousands. NYC. U.S.A

Hundreds Thousands is the solo project of Zach Britt. Growing up in the Piedmont and mountain regions of North Carolina, Britt’s musical background stems from the rich textures of folk music and bluegrass, which has since been heavily influenced by the broad landscape of electronic music… Exploring the lines between pop & electronic, analog and digital, H|T combines a folk music/singer-songwriter upbringing with crunchy bass synths and drum machine/sample based percussion.


2.Kampot Playboys. Kampot. Cambodia

Kampot Playboys were formed in 2011 by Uk Sochiet and Mark Chattaway in their hometown of Kampot, Cambodia. The current line- up have been performing together since 2015.
Kampot Playboys play a mixture of Cambodian songs from the past as well as original songs.  

3.The la belle et la bête’s. Danang.Vietnam

Absolute madness and poetry.

For more infos and gig dates:


Sunday Mood: Ernie Buck

Greg Beshers & Ernie Buck (right) live at Oscars on the Corner, Phnom Penh, Cambodia, 2019. Photo y Steve Porte

A blue-eyed Soul voice with a music style that blends Alternative Indie Rock, with finger-picking Folk style guitar and occasional ukulele. Ernie Buck sings original songs about a life of misadventure. Born and raised in London, England; A rock n roll hero in Cambodia.

You can find more info and music on his personal Bandcamp

Enjoy and support Musicians.

Artist of the Week: Bottlesmokers

Bottlesmoker, a dance/electronic duo from Bandung, Indonesia. The creator behind this audiovisual project are Anggung Suherman (Angkuy) and Ryan Adzani (Nobie), two producers, film score composers, lecturers and sound designers. Their work focuses in exploring native rhythms from Indonesia and Southeast Asia, recreating them in an electronic form, mixing the old with the new, analog and digital, to create their own unique sound, light and visuals. Our musical explorations go from Tribal to Techno, from Pacific Vibes to psychedelic, from Downtempo to Ambient, the sound and visual palette keeps growing and adding more and more flavours to the mix.




Pick of the Week 002

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01 We are replica_Angel_London
02 cccp_io sto bene_emilia_italy
03 Geography of the Moon_Fleeing lights_glasgow
04 Sou Sou Band – Monster Men_cambodia
05 The Schkoots_Tout En Rose_phnom penh
06 Lesbian Fist Magnet – Cat Fucker – canada/thailand
07 The Doltish – Vote Halnu Bekar Ho – Nepal punk
08 The Rebel Riot – FREEDOM – myanmar – burma
09 Santa Pazienza – broken glass – Glasgow
10 The Night That Liza Glamphist Comes To Town – Justin Frew-Australia
11 Japanese foursome band – Electronic Harmonic Voice- osaka
12 Red Eyed Rabbit – Love Frequency – Hanoi – vietnam
13 Masami Kawaguchi – New Rock Syndicate – Japan
14 YURA YURA TEIKOKU – “Yura Yura Teikoku de Kangaechuu -Japan
15 What a Funk! – atmosphere – Italy/California
16 This Mortal Coil – Sixteen Days Gathering Dust-Uk

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We Are Replica new Single “Angel”


We Are Replica is a synth/post punk duo featuring Nadège Préaudat and Martin Kinz playing all instruments, sharing vocals and production. All their music is created at Cable Street Studio at this iconic location in London’s east End.




Official Youtube

Teenfreaks Youtube Channel


Pick of the week 001

1. When Dark Sets In __Hundreds Thousands
2. Youth__Kampot Playboys
3. i got a Woman__Ray Charles
4. Insomnia__Geography of the Moon
5. Dog Nightmare__Anti-Adonis
6. Anabasis__Dead Can Dance
7. Seventeen__Sharon Van Hetten
8. Speak Easy__Hundreds Thousands
9. Over Everything__Courtney Barnett&Kurt Vile
10. 1984__Geography of the Moon
11. Roses__Bottlesmokers Feat Cokiyu

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