Album of the Week: Music for Mutual Aid

Teenfreaks Music presents: Music for Mutual Aid.

[a Compilation for Charity)

It’s cold these days and the current economic situation has seen a lot of people struggling.

(Clearly, we’re not in this together, but also, we are)

As musicians, we’re also going through tough times but we keep hope, if anything. At Teenfreaks Music we wanted to do something to help our Glaswegian neighbours. We don’t have much money but we all have tunes. So we teamed up with an array of artists we like to assemble this collection of tunes in an effort to fundraise money for one of our local charities: Glasgow Mutual Aid , and give a platform to musicians to promote their music. All profits of the compilation will go to Mutual Aid. When times get tough, the way to work is together so we can all support each other. COVID has isolated most of us and it’s been a tough, solitary time for many.

Glasgow Mutual Aid supports People in need of help. We must keep up our sense of community, and most of all, hope that we’ll get through this together. We donated our tunes, to bring a little joy, and hope this in turn will help our neighbours in need.

Hope you enjoy the music! Stay safe, stay hopeful, this too shall pass.

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