Q&A with Charlie Clark

Charlie Clark is a Scottish indie folk musician based in the Western Isles of Scotland.

His new single ” Don’t Have a Cow Man” is out now on It’s Creation Baby label, founded by the legendary Alan McGee.

Tell us more about your song, what’s behind the lyrics?

The song is about reaching a crossroads in my own life when it was spiralling out of control and ultimately reaching a point of laughing instead of crying and saying “fuck it!” .

I knew a lot of work was needed to get out of that cycle of addiction. I was in and how dark and heavy a place that can be but I was lucky I knew I could change. It’s not my first rodeo, and I’ve had incredible long term sobriety in the past so it was either that, jail or death.

Charlie Clark

When did you record this song and who are your collaborators?

It’s nearly a year now since we started recording the album. It was recorded in 8 days in UIG in the Western Isles and produced by Jason Shaw who features heavily on it too as a player. The studio is owned by Calum Buchanan from The Sea Atlas and he owned all the right equipment we needed to make this record. My brother plays drums in a great metal band called The Broken Ravens so he played also, we’ve played together forever and Kev packs the punch it needed.

Willie from Astrid sang harmonies and that was all who appeared on the whole album.
Mark Gardener from RIDE mastered the album.

Tell us more about you and your music.

I’m a solo guy who loves to play in a band if that makes sense. I love collaboration, not for every project but definitely the more interesting ones. Astrid has always been a great outlet to write together or separately with Willie. When I do my solo stuff I definitely like to get more experimental and meloncholic with it all. At the moment I’m happy with playing in Astrid and The Sea Atlas as well as my solo stuff.


What’s your plans for 2021?

I’m still no clearer on what is happening on the live side of things so until that opens up again.
I’m going to keep promoting my album, hopefully do some ASTRID recording and depending on restrictions record my second solo album. It’s written and demoed already!

Charlie Clark

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