Pick of the Week #12

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Punk Rock Unit from Jakarta City, Indonesia. Sounds of 1970’s Punk accompanied by angry broken hearts mobs, cheap wine, and fake animal prints attires. In style of X-Ray Spex, Buzzcocks, and The Clash.


Muro – Pacificar


“It’s been a few years, countless miles of international touring that has exhibited their energetic live show to those lucky enough to witness it, and an incalculable amount of hours spent in rehearsal perfecting a breed of auditory frenzy that is all their own… and at long last we, the hardcore punk faithful, are rewarded with the great MURO delivering to us their latest LP titled “Pacificar.” Many would have fathomed a follow up to 2017’s “Ataque Hardcore Punk” to be quite the unthinkable feat, but these 11 tracks prove that MURO are far from a flash in the pan like so many others in this day and age and that they don’t take the creation of their contributions to the greater punk canon lightly. As a testament to their unwavering work ethic and approach to presenting their art how they see fit, all print material was made by the band and friends at their Casa Rat Trap Collective in Bogota, Colombia and features a series of alternate versions of cover art a la The Execute’s 1983 self titled EP compliments of the band’s own Carlos Velásquez and Wilson Melo. It’s a privilege to kick off yet another decade of hardcore punk with a release of this caliber. “





Stoner Death Metal from Cleveland


Lowering – Struggling With The Dark

Lowering is a one man project from New York, USA and dabbles in dark atmospheric post-rock/metal melodies cloaked by soulful darkjazz/doomjazz soundscapes. The 2020 album, Struggling With The Dark, showcases an exotic fusion of slow core, post-rock, darkjazz and otherworldly atmospheres.


THE PASSING – The Passing EP

THE PASSING is a Los Angeles based quartet formed before the world took a shit, that would be right between Fall / Winter of 2018. Influenced by all types of hardcore, punk, Scandinavian bands, d beat, underground metal and more and with a lyrical content that focuses on ‘death’, ‘the world being shit‘, and ‘the fact that religions suck ass’, THE PASSING have crafted a raging hardcore recording for the year 2020.”


Gas Rag – Human Rights EP

D-Beat Rock/Punk from Chicago, Illinois



HardCore Punk from Malaysia


Destruct – Echoes of Life

Destruct deliver an absolute crusher of a debut LP following a couple recent, well-regarded demos. The sound is one that you know and are familiar with; Stoke-on-Trent, Scandinavia, and Japan, but it has been executed to its absolute maximum and captured with a clear and powerful recording. Huge, catchy riffs. Exacting rhythm. Howls of defeat, agony and pain.Taking a time-honored formula, they have lent their hand to making an album that has again breathed new life into the genre. “Echoes of Life” is a testament to the power of paying respects to a classic sound while simultaneously pushing it forward to today. It’s the sound of an enormous door closing in the depths of hell. Ten-million tons of TNT dropped on your head.”


Torture Rack – Malefic Humiliation

The Pacific Northwest continues to be a stronghold for relevant new Death Metal in 2018 with Portland’s Torture Rack among the few that are leading the pack. Torture Rack’s second album ‘Malefic Humiliation’ captures the savagery for which their live shows have become the stuff of legend; subtlety bludgeoned, beaten and hacked to nothing but a red mess of leftovers. 

With a lineup that includes members of label mates Witch Vomit, Torture Rack carves out their mark in the festering corpse of the Northwest on ‘Malefic Humiliation’ bashing through 9 tracks in just under 30 minutes. “Mace Face”, “Corpse Revenge” and “Destined For Dogmeat” ain’t for the faint and the vile cover art by Sebastian Mazuera makes real the sole intention for Torture Rack, barbarism. 

Having appeared throughout the Northwest and in 2017 made their East Coast debut at Maryland Deathfest, the band is set to crush in 2018 with their first ever Europe appearances including the massively anticipated return of Killtown Deathfest.

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