Pick of the Week #9

Curated by Charlie Clark

This is a selection of bands I worked with when I was booking at Harvard & Stone in Los Angeles and bands that I’ve met whilst on tour with Astrid or from my neck of the woods in the Highlands.

Jumping over the pond we have Clarke and the himselfs. Without question my most played artist of the last year. Clarke opened for The Warlocks at H&S a couple of years back and I’ve been addicted ever since.

Clarke and the Himselfs – Compound Thought


Scott C. Park released one of my favourite EPs last year (he also plays in Astrid) and The Sea Atlas makes some of the most interesting and atmospheric soundscapes. Calum Buchanan aka Sea Atlas also owns the studio I recorded my latest album in.

Scott C. Park – Lead

Astrid – Poison Reaction (The Quay Sessions BBC SCOTLAND)


The Sea Atlas – The Travelling Kind


Veronica Bianqui is an incredible musician, she sometimes plays with The Blank Tapes but the residency I did with her at H&S was one of the best I booked in 7 years. 

Veronica Bianqui – Victim (Live at Jam in the Van)


Trevor Jimenez Beld is probably one of my favourite songwriters. His music will always remind me of living in California and he shares my love of harmonies and meloncholic melodies.

Trevor Beld Jimenez – Moment


Auld Spells is currently living in Edinburgh I believe but we first met in LA.

Some great new psyche rock coming from them!

Auld Spells – I Hope


Sugarplum Fairies, Son of the Velvet Rat and Gold Star are all my Austrian pals who live on the West Coast. They all share a more pure, traditional style of songwriting.

Sugarplum Fairies – Moment of Fame (ft.Charlie Clark)

Gold Star – Uppers & Downers


Son of the Velvet Rat – Blood Red Shoes


Finally L.A. Girlfriend was an artist I came across just searching local bands in LA: Moody, beautiful electronica.

L.A. Girlfriend – Is Freedom

I should also recommend some bands from my label too but Alan McGee curated a great playlist on Spotify with the best of the releases on Creation 23 which is just about to be rebranded ….It’s Creation Baby !

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