A Sorrowful Race – The Underground Youth

“Started in 2008 as the creative project of Craig Dyer, The Underground Youth’s discography explores a blend of darkly cinematic psychedelia and raw post-punk music.”

A Sorrowful Race” is the first single of the upcoming album “The Falling” out on the 12th March on Fuzz Records.

Pre-order the album via the following link – fuzzclub.lnk.to/asorrowfulrace

I did a short interview with Craig:

1-What’s the concept for your forthcoming album?

The album sees me going back to my writing approach from our earliest records, writing the demos as stripped back acoustic tracks at home.

They were primarily built on the lyrical content, leaning towards a more mature approach to language and songwriting. With that, the instrumentation grew and, from the raw and noisy post-punk of our previous record, this album leans to a softer musical soundscape, acoustic guitars, piano, accordion and a heavy presence of violin and string arrangements. We started recording when we returned from our cancelled tour of the USA and Canada, it was really a stressful time and we were plunged into this lockdown and isolation. So we just each set up home recording spaces and started sending recordings between each other.

What started out as a set of romantic and deeply personal songs also took on the surrounding frustrations and feelings towards the situation we found ourselves in. Born from the heartbreak of how the worldwide pandemic has changed the industry we were thriving within, this album also functions as a love letter to the past.

2- What are you missing the most these days?


And at this stage it isn’t just playing live that I miss, but the whole package of what comes with being on the road. Sure we miss performing live more than anything, but also the camaraderie of being with the band and crew, all the experiences that come along with it. Even the negative, low points, even those I miss!

3- Your 3 best musical Influences?

I’ll answer this with reference to the new album. My writing style and what Leo and I ended up arranging musically was influenced by listening back to Leonard Cohen and Bob Dylan and these songwriters who had inspired us from so early in our musical careers. Also a lot of atmospheric music, from This Mortal Coil to Carlo Gesualdo.

The Underground Youth live at Kesselhaus & Maschinenhaus (Kulturbrauerei) Pic by @lament.for.cement



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