Album of the Week: Limon&Leme /Uncool Paul

Uncool Paul said to Teenfreaks:

“I have a brain that is fed almost entirely on cheese and 1980s pop music. If Nik Kershaw or The Human League can do it, then I can too, but with a slice of smoked cheddar and dirty ginger hair walloped on top.”

“I am a a multi-instrumentalist and my favourite key signature is D major (Or B minor if I’m feeling 👐dramatic).”

“My latest musical venture Limon & Leme was written at a time of global social unrest. You’d think this would reflect in the songs on the album but, probably because of the volume of tea I’ve been drinking recently, I was mostly oblivious to these goings-on. What you will find are thoughts about how I was conceived in the back of a Ford Cortina; feeling awkward at parties; calculators and magical TV remotes that can reset existence”

You can listen to this great piece of music on Spotify:

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