Pick of the Month #2

Acid Ultras – Lost Subcultures Found (censored version)

Howlin May Queen – Satisfied


Charlie Clark – Late Night Drinking


Kampot Playboys – Youth (Prof. Kinski’s Xtra Psych Mix)

Goat Girl – Live on KEXP

Hania Rani – Live from Studio S2

Gulliver’s Thunder Machine – The Continent and Spirit

Super Taste – In your Head


Charlie Clark – No Big Deal

Echo Resort – 20/20

Hope the Flowers – Surrealist Time

Geography of the Moon – Fleeing Lights


Doltish – Live at SVANA STUDIO

Rebel Radio – Live at SVANA STUDIO

Funan BEAT Empire – Give it Up

Asia Special – Smiley Song – SoundClash-The Red Stripes

Dunt Feat Sam West – Dark Between Stars (Check Masses Remix)


Uncool Paul – Cassandra

The Snuts – Glasgow

Gruff Rhys – Loan Your Loneliness

Sleaford Mods – Live on KEXP (At Home)

Iggy Pop – Dirty Little Virus

Album of the Week

Disandat feat Calemma – Rama EP

Following their single on Free Sequence Anthology, Disandat & Calemma debuts with a 4 track EP.

Hungarian and Italian born duo met while living in London. Sharing similar interests and tastes in music they begun working on joint material.

After Disandat returned to Budapest the artists have arranged a few sessions to work in Hungary and out of these sessions this EP was made. 

While this release includes tracks both for the dance floor and deep listening, they all share a sort of hypnotic and psychedelic quality.

Georama and Diorama are both laid back but on different end of the spectrum in terms of mood and feel, Diorama is rather moody, acidic and slowly building while Georama has roots in dub with some morphing glitchy percussion, cuddled by warm evolving pads.

Cosmorama is their love letter to the peak time dance floor which we all miss during this pandemic times. 

Pick of the Week #20

Special Edition Curated by Fishbowl Events

These tracks are chosen from albums that I am eagerly anticipating coming out in 2021!


Ghost Dance Collective – Wyld Flowers

First single from their 2nd album which sees them return to their full sounding glory after their stripped back Getting By EP.


Juleah – El Paisaje Se Mueve

Great surfy, psychedelic instrumental is the 2nd single from her upcoming album.


Charlie Clark – A Bridge To Your Idol

An emotional second single from Charlie Clark in memory of his late father.


Frankie Teardrop Dead – Tais-toi

Fourth single from their upcoming fourth album – Tais-toi et Dance


Tibetan Miracle Seeds – Begin Again

A 2020 release, really looking forward to hearing the full album later this year.


New Candys – Begin Again

Second single from the upcoming New Candys album, Vyvyd


Orions Belte – Lotus

A little bit of a cheat as this album just came out recently, but a great song and what a view!

Pick of the Week #19


La voce del padrone is an album by Italian singer-songwriter Franco Battiato, released by EMI Italiana in 1981. The album followed L’era del cinghiale bianco (1979) and Patriots (1980), which signaled a return by Battiato to a more pop-oriented style.

Besides being Battiato’s first pop success, it was also the first Italian LP to sell more than one million copies.

Francesco “Franco” Battiato  is an Italian singer-songwriter, composer, filmmaker and, under the pseudonym Süphan Barzani, also a painter.

Battiato’s songs contain esoteric, philosophical and religious themes, and have spanned genres such as experimental pop, electronic music, progressive rock, and new wave.


Pick of the Week #18

Special Edition – Robert Carlyle’s Playlist of the Month

Every week Robert Carlyle (Yes, Bobby) select and repost music on his Twitter profile highlighting new bands and artists.

So we decided to repost this very special Playlist as our Pick of the Week.

In this Playlist you can find : The Clockworks, Monks, Geography of The Moon, Nick Shane and many others:

Pick of the Week #17

Little Cloud Records – Label of the Week

Little Cloud Records was founded in October 2016 by Mike Nesbitt, Josiah Webb and Joe Nesbitt (Nicholas Hennig joined the LCR team in 2018).

What started as a way to release Magic Shoppe records quickly became a vehicle for releasing vinyl for other bands they dig.

This includes releases from Pete International Airport (Pete Holmström of Dandy Warhols), Firefriend (São Paulo psych warlords), New Candys (dark psych rockers from Venice, Italy), The Orange Kyte (tripped-out Irish transplants living in Vancouver, BC)… and many more bands since we launched!



Grinding Eyes – When The Night Falls


New Candys – Twin Mime


The Confederate Dead – Infinite Expansion


Kill Your Boyfriend – Elizabeth


Alien Mustangs – Sound of no Future


True Primitives – The Sound


Geography of the Moon – DeadBeat Poet


Firefriend – Surface to Air

Pick of the Week #16

Special Edition – Ola’s Kool Kitchen

Ola’s Kool Kitchen is a show on KCLA 99.3 FM in Los Angeles, 107.5 andhow.FM, Maximum Threshold Radio, Rock Radio UK, Sword Radio UK, Jammerstream One, Kor Radio, Bombshell Radio, Pop Radio UK, Radio Wigwam, Rock XS Radio, Dirty Chai Radio, Radio Candy Radio and Radio Lantau

you can hear more shows here https://hearthis.at/olaskoolkitchen/ 

Show 437

Ola’s Kool Kitchen show 437

1. Hearty Har-Radio Man ’56 
2. Jane Weaver-Heartlow
3. Mayqueen-Worst Nightmare 
5. Plastic Cowboys-None Like You 
6. Geography Of The Moon-Deadbeat Poet 
7. Billy Nomates-Emergency Telephone
8. Lael Neale-Every Star Shivers in the Dark 
9. Balthazar-Losers-Sand-Pias 
10. Toys – A Lovers Concerto- The Toys Sing “A Lover’s Concerto” and “Attack”!-DynoVoice Records 
11. Les Intrigantes – Sans Toi- single- Jeunesse Franco 
12. Sharon Tandy -DAUGHTER OF THE SUN-single-Atlantic


Ola’s Kool Kitchen is a show on several independent international radio stations and is a DJ in London since 2007. The radio show features an eclectic mix of genres and was created because mainstream radio sucks. 

Her mantra put simply: “Good music has no boundaries”.

It currently broadcasts on KCLA 99.3FM In LA, 107.5 Andhow.FM in New Zealand, Maximum Threshold Radio, Rock Velvet Radio, Rock Radio UK, Sword Radio UK, Jammerstream One, Kor Radio, Bombshell Radio, Pop Radio UK, Radio Wigwam, Rock XS Radio, Radio Candy Radio and Radio Lantau.

Facebook https://business.facebook.com/olakoolkitchen/
Twitter https://twitter.com/OlasKoolKitchen
Submit music here https://www.submithub.com/radio/olas-kool-kitchen
To make a donation via paypal www.stephenmbland.com/olas-kool-kitchen
Or become a subscriber on Patreon https://www.patreon.com/olaskoolkitchen

Pick of the Week #15

Arab Strap – The Turning of Our Bones

Arab Strap started out as an intimate project with home-recorded tapes shared between friends,and soon became one of Scotland’s most cherished bands. The pioneering duo of Moffat & Malcolm Middleton called it a day in 2006 but are now back from the grave and are ready to rave!


Errorr – Repeater (Anomic Records)

Errorr is a Berlin-based band.
The three piece is primarily playing noise- and punk-rock but incorporates a wide range of genres.


Eat The Friek – And Eye Float Bye

Ploom is the band’s contribution to the facets of always being tired, your neighbour growing out his hair, memory loss and a killing in your local village. Following on from their 2020 single ‘Muttrip’, the band creep back into the unique sound that they’ve been developing over the past two years with new and interesting twists.

Fuzzy guitar riffs, dirty bass tones and thumping drums come together in this outbreak of noise that is set to be the bands best release to date. Eat The Friek worked with Robbie Wilson of The Kundalini Genie to record the tracks at Paul’s Halls in Cumbernauld.

The tracks were mixed and mastered by the amazing Jason Shaw.

Originating from Aberdeen, now residing in Glasgow, Eat The Friek have been on an unstoppable roll since the release of their 2019 EP ‘Heart of the Snail’.

Incessantly gigging around Scotland before being halted by Covid-19, the band found themselves playing alongside bands such as John (Times Two), The Psychotic Monks and The Wood Burning Savages.

Just before lockdown the band released their single ‘Muttrip’ which coincided with a sold-out release show at Henry’s Cellar Bar in Edinburgh. Eat The Friek have kept themselves busy over 2020 with the recording of ‘Ploom’ and are set to re-emerge from the dust of the pandemic with more energy than Scotland (or the rest of the world) has ever 


AMMO – Total Recall

AMMO born and raised in Los Angeles, CA is a multi instrumental artist.

She ruminates within dreamy surreal sounds intertwined with the reality of our preexisting world. Her desire to experience a cathartic release helps channel her music with a genuine sense of emotion

Total Recall’ is her first solo release under the moniker AMMO and second release on Dune Altar. Her band, Brass Box, released their full length LP entitled ‘The Cathedral’ in 2019. Past music projects include Black Flamingo, Darklands, and Tête.


Frankie Teardrop Dead – How Are You?


We Are Replica – Only The Best

“Formed in 2015, London-based Franco German dark synth duo WE ARE REPLICA offer intense post-industrial electronics for their brand of Pan-European avant-punk.”


Petrolio – Club Atletico – Full Ep (Depths Records)

Club Atletico is the result of the artist’s intimate research in the field of imprisonment. Inspired by the movies of Marco Bechis about the Argentine dictatorship, the EP translates the tragedy of the Dirty War onto the sonic perspective. The EP is named after one of the detention centres established by the Argentine dictatorial regime in order to torture political dissenters. 

Petrolio is a solo project started in 2015 by Enrico Cerrato. Over the past few years the artist released a number of singles, EPs and albums, touring all across Europe and sharing the stage with the likes of Lingua Ignota, Of the Wand & the Moon, Winterkälte, Uochi Toki, Bologna Violenta, Mai Mai Mai, and Pankow to name but a few. By 2018 the Piedmont-based artist already had a number of high-profile collaborations under his belt with the likes of Jochen Arbeit (Einstürzende Neubauten), Aidan Baker (Nadja), as well as many well-known artists from the Italian noise/industrial/experimental scene such as Fabrizio Modonese Palumbo (Almagest!, Blind Cave Salamander, Coypu, Larsen, XXL), Sigillum S, and Mai Mai Mai.

Pick of the Week #14

Firefriend – Fantasma – São Paulo, Brazil

Firefriend – Fantasma is a dark psychedelic rock album with shoegaze, post-rock tenancies. This latest album have the eerie dark bass steady almost beat machine like live drums and extended reverberating and echoing guitars with dense fuzz tones.

The vocals sound great coming in with ominous notes and reverb to draw the psych factor. The songs are shimmering reflections of sound refracted in the icy canyons of dark imagination. The cold reverb tones can be very chill and mellow or blast with killer fuzz tones and laid back drumming. 


Geography of The Moon – 1984 (Radio Edit) – Glasgow, Uk

Formed in London, UK, in 2016, Geography Of The Moon is a collaboration between singer/pianist Virginia Bones and multi-instrumentalist /producer Andrea AKA Santa Pazienza. After touring for several years they moved back to Glasgow where Andrea’s family is originally from. 

Largely influenced by bands from the 80s and the the 90s, somewhere between psych rock, post punk, new wave and indie rock, they create their own brand of mashed up styles: Psychwave. Tongue in cheek lyrics and hypnotic looped layers of guitars, synth and drum machines. The band is being played on BBC 6 (Gideon Coe), BBC Rapal, BBC Radio Scotland and named in Vic Galloway’s – 25 Artists to watch in 2021.

Their latest LP Fake Flowers Never Die is now out on TeenFreaks Music. All releases can be found on bandcamp and other listening platforms.

This Radio Edit track is available only on ‘Music for Mutual Aid’


Justin Frew – The Night That Liza Glamphist Comes To Town – Wollongong, Australia

Born from a love of honky-tonk, delta blues, cowboy psychedelia, rockabilly western swing and all the early incarnations that were the sullied parents of rock & roll, Justin Frew lives the music he loves. Punk rock in attitude. Wild west in nature. Singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, producer. A man who wears many hats well.

Songs of loss, redemption and all the scary places in between.

Late nights, early mornings. All that happens between the first drink and the last. The moments that can make you or break you. Love earned, love spurned. Clarity and regret. Life, brutal yet beautiful.

There is nothing staid or reverential about his songs. Those influences all collide and become something unique. Drawn lovingly from the past but reimagined in a dark, sinister modern country blues. All delivered in a world-weary baritone.

Over the last 30 years Justin has played with, and shared stages with some of the finest musicians in Australia. He sings about those dark moments where humour hides. Laughing at our frailties and follies. Justin Frew knows those places well, and will take you back there. And hopefully, out the other side.



Jason Shaw – Let Off Steam – Glasgow, Uk


The Kundalini Genie – Too Early Too Late – Glasgow, Uk

More sounds: https://the-kundalini-genie.bandcamp.com


Ernie Buck – Takes no Time to Forget – London, Uk/Phnom Penh, Cambodia

A blue-eyed Soul voice with a music style that blends Alternative Indie Rock, with finger-picking Folk style guitar and occasional ukulele. Ernie Buck sings original songs about a life of misadventure. Born and raised in London, England; now living in Phnom Penh Cambodia.   

Santa Pazienza – Saigon – Glasgow, Uk


Mogwai – As the Love Continues – Glasgow, Uk

Mogwai are a Scottish rock band, formed in 1995 in Glasgow.

The band consists of Stuart Braithwaite (guitar, vocals), Barry Burns (guitar, piano, synthesizer, vocals), Dominic Aitchison (bass guitar), and Martin Bulloch (drums).


Artie Ziff – Futile -Glasgow, Uk